A Revolutionary Gun Coating System 
DuraCoat® is globally recognised as one of the only commercially manufactured and packaged firearm coatings that is both user-friendly and extremely durable. Specifically created for both professional and at-home use, DuraCoat® does not require baking, preheating or blasting. Duracoat® colours can be mixed with each other to match any colour desired. 
Simply clean, prepare and degrease the surface prior to DuraCoat® application. Apply DuraCoat® with an airbrush, HVLP Spraygun or for aerosol type application we have Preval sprayers in stock, please advise if you wish to purchase one. Generally you need only wait overnight or it can be baked at 110F (40C) for 1 hour, then reassemble and fire your weapon. Most solvents, cleaners and lubricants can be used at this point. Full cure time for DuraCoat® is 4-6 weeks. 
Duracoat® is a gun coating that offers protection from the elements a professional quality look, proven durability, and ease of use. No other gun coating system offers such a great quality at such an affordable price.

DuraCoat Standard Colours -Browns

Size: 4oz